Behind the Art is where you’ll find interviews with generative artists about their art, processes, tools, and inspirations.

Latest Interviews

  • Sarah Ridgley
    Generative artist and asemic poet. Behind Himinn, Tangles, generative painting, blockchain valentines, and an asemic manuscript.
  • Landlines
    Little algorithms repeated many times to create rich textures. Behind Art Cardz, Sectional Curvature, and 3d rendering.
  • Kim Asendorf
    Doing stuff with computers. Behind Monogrid and experimental work with WebGL.
  • Yazid
    Creating abstract and conceptual art with code and algorithms. Behind the Generative Abstract series, interactive conceptual pieces, and Bruneian weaving.
  • Aleksandra Jovanić
    Artist and programmer. Behind Grids & Stripes & Blobs, Portals, blind embossing, and Ferns.