Kim Asendorf

Please introduce yourself.

Hi I am Kim, I am doing stuff with computers.

Can you describe your art?

I am totally into abstract art and abstract concepts. Visually I love to work with pixels. Currently I like to send them on complex paths, that can be very interesting and the results can be very captivating. I also play a lot with Processing, write bots, do installations, make performances. Always inspired by the stuff that is going on online.

Untitled (8) by kimasendorf –

What is in your toolbox?

I love to work with JavaScript in a Node.js setup. That opens so many possibilities for me, creating apps with Electron, real-time animations with or also any kind of automation.

Can you walk us through your process for one of your WebGL pieces?

My process is mostly experimental. I play around with different noise algorithms, feedback and multiple fragment shaders in a row or parallel. It is like stacking many little ideas on top of each other until I discover something interesting. Then I start to work with it, let it grow in my mind, writing code, until it becomes a piece for me.

The Monogrid project is so cool. Can you tell us about where the idea came from and how you went about creating it?

The initial idea happened like a flash. I don’t know where it came from. A grid of grids. I knew how it should look like and started coding. It grew, actually outgrew my initial idea. It got much better than I imagined.

Do you have future plans for the Monogrid project?

I am still gaining a lot of inspiration from this project. But as artwork it is finished.

What are your artistic influences?

The process of abstraction is what influences me most. When I visit a museum I always can’t wait to get to the abstract paintings. I think this is my language and I am just translating my feelings into abstractions.

Usually I need to get away from the computer. Every bit of freedom helps. But actually I don’t know where ideas come from.

Kim on where ideas for pieces come from

Which other artists/projects are you excited about right now?

Artists like Yoshi Sodeoka, Andrew Benson, and Ezra Miller.

Can you share one of your works-in-progress?

I am working on some compositions in WebGL. Check the video.

What are you working on next?

I have a couple of projects currently. I decide on a daily basis, depending on my mood and spirit, on which I am continuing to work. Some works just lose their magic and fall apart while others get better and better.

Where can people find your work?

I need to update my website.. Generally should be the hub for my work. But currently it is easier to check out my Twitter to get the latest news or go to my NFT hub at